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Spectrum Services
Phone:  (978) 235-4840 
Fax:       (978) 371-9271
E-mail:  michelle@spectrumservicesonline.com

Spectrum Services
Phone:  (978) 235-4840 
Fax:       (978) 371-9271
E-mail:  michelle@spectrumservicesonline.com

Spectrum Services
Phone:  (978) 235-4840 
Fax:       (978) 371-9271
E-mail:  michelle@spectrumservicesonline.com

Putting the Pieces Together 
Serving the ASD Community since 1977

   Testimonials and Comments
The following are a representative sampling of the hundreds of letters and comments received by Leslie Michelle Touw regarding her presentations and trainings and work with individuals on the Autism Spectrum (ASD).
(Arranged by category-Staff Training, Presentations,
Parents, and Educational Colleagues)

Professional Development 
(Evaluations: 87%  respond with "Excellent" and "Very good" ratings- see separate "Presentations/ Prof. Dev." page)
Hanover Public Schools
-Making Inclusion Work for  Students with Autism

Jim Shillinglaw,
Director of Special Education, Hanover Public Schools, Hanover, MA

"Dear Michelle,
Here are copies of the evaluations from my staff.  I have heard nothing but excellent
responses re: your training workshops."
  Staff Responses
  • "Informative, practical, entertaining, well done!  You know your audience and 'met our needs'.  Inspirational- I hope they have you come again!"                            - 3rd Grade Regular Education Teacher
  • "I enjoyed this, it confirmed what I have been doing and has given me many more ideas and strategies to try."  -Special Education Teacher
  • "Wonderful presentation...It is refreshing to learn from someone who actually works with autistic children and has an exciting, enthusiastic way of sharing her knowledge." -Speech & Language Pathologist
  • "Awesome!  Michelle was energetic, passionate and inspiring.  One thing I learned is to revise my professional development day for the fall!" - Administrator
Lincoln Public Schools

In-House Social Stories Workshop
From Jeanne Whitten - Ass't Superintendent of Lincoln Public Schools

"Thank you for the wonderful workshop you presented on social stories.  Although I was not there, I saw people leaving and they were excitedly talking about 'social stories'.  I know how hard it is to put together a workshop that spans many grade levels and varied levels of knowledge. Your efforts are really appreciated!"

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(Evaluations: 87%  respond with "Excellent" and "Very good" ratings- see separate "Presentations" page)
Western MA Association of Special Education Administrators

(The following letter is from the first appearance at this annual conference in 2000.  As of 2013 there have been eight others, similarly well received.  -sample participant responses below.)

From Susan  Samoriski, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Mary Lyon Foundation Shelburne Falls, MA
Conference partner with the Western MA Assoc. of Special Education Administrators

"I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation (Great! An Autist
ic Child is in My Class!) at our 10th Annual special education conference. ...
ur expertise and enthusiasm captured the audience, Michelle...The evaluations are exemplary and many people have commented about your excellent presentation!"

  Conference Attendee Responses
2012- REAL Socialization- Beyond Greetings & Games
  • "I had heard many of the approaches before but YOU really pulled them together & showed how to use them in real life!"                                                                               - Autism Specialist
  • "Was shut out last year- very glad to get in this time- the ideas were great!"                      - Speech & Language Pathologist
  • "Presentation very informative. Several of my 'regular ed" students came to mind!" -Regular Ed. Teacher"
  • "Fantastic!  Will start using your 'guiding questions' tomorrow!"                                   - Clinical Social Worker
  • "I always hear people talking excitedly and positively as they leave your presentations!"                                                                                                                 - Sue Samoriski -Exec. Director Mary Lyon Fund/ conference organizer
2008 -HELP! The Middle and High School Years and Students with ASD
  • "It not only gave me a clearer understanding of ASD but what I can do to assist them....concrete skills and lesson ideas I can put into my classroom tomorrow!"                     -Special Education Teacher
  • "Excellent presentation! Easily comprehensible.  Michelle has an easygoing manner which makes for a comfortable audience."                                                                                                 - Paraprofessional
  • "Great info- Great take home materials- I learned several things I will try tomorrow and learned I should reassess how I organize my space in the room & on assignments"                - Special Education Teacher
Teacher Training presented by Community Resources for People with Autism
From Paula Fredericks, Ed.D. 
Inclusion Consultant, Sunderland, MA

" I just want to thank you for doing such a great job . ....

 I am sitting here finishing a report and adding one of your ideas about teaching a gesture to cue a child to relax as it works!  It is WONDERFUL for me to learn so many useful strategies from one presentation at this point in my career.  The next day people were still talking about how many great ideas they learned from you."

(No attendee responses as Ms. Touw had not yet included her own evaluation form.)

Autism Update Conferences  (2002, 2003)
From Pat Antonellis
Executive Director Children Making Strides,  Bourne, MA

"We truly appreciate the time and energy you put into bringing your presentation "Great! An Autistic Student is in My Class" to our conference.  Your pr
esentation was very informative and well received." 

Autism Update Attendee responses
2002 - Great! An Autistic Child is in My Class
  • "I must say this is the most wonderful presentation I've ever attended.  You're a dynamic speaker and a powerhouse of information!...I'll be sharing so much of this at my daughter's meeting next week!"                                                                                                                       - Parent & Former Teacher
  • "Wonderful- learned a lot of new insightful information..will share w/ my fellow teachers"  - Special Education Teacher
2003 - Developing the Partnership between Teachers & Para-educators
  • "Very good...This is a great resource to start the process of working together better in a school system."                                                                                                                                                      - Special Education Teacher
  • "Excellent...I will share information with my team members".                               -Paraprofessional
  • "Although for school personnel, I learned a lot and will share the info and handbook with my son's teacher and the director of the school as well as his para."                                              - Parent
Family Autism Center - Westwood MA
2000, 2001, 2004 - Repeated Teacher Training Series
held 1 evening a week for 1 month entitled Inclusion of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • "Superior presentations....love the handbook!"                                                            - Special Education Teacher
  • "This was very helpful.  Your presentation was exciting and interesting.  MANY wonderful ideas....Thank you, this was awesome!"                                                      - Regular Education Teacher

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Parents of Elementary & Middle School age children

"To Whom It May Concern,
 Michelle was my son’s one-on-one tutor for his first, second and third grade years in the Lincoln Public Schools. My son is currently in the 10th grade in California, and still  maintains close contact with Michelle.

Michelle is, without exception, the most extraordinary teacher I have ever encountered. Michelle has a special sense of both children’s needs and capabilities, and addresses the whole child in her teaching. She does not adhere to either one rigid approach or “school” of training, but, instead, uses her vast experience to tailor her approach to the individual child. She is also extremely able to teach children learning strategies, so the child can achieve the maximum independence within the classroom.

Michelle understands, in detail, the various therapies (speech, occupational therapy, sensory integration, etc.) and works well with therapists in implementing their recommendations throughout the school day. She is well liked and well respected by her peers.

I credit Michelle with the enormous growth my child achieved while under her tutelage. I wish to this day that she were still his teacher."
  - Louise D.
"Looks like what you teach my C--- help keep him on track even in the evening and weekend.  You are forming a base for him to stand...I thank you for your supp
ort on his life.  I believe that will last forever."
  - Christine D.
[Note: In Sept. 5th grader C-- had an attention span of 75 seconds avg. and failing grades.  By March he attended for 45 mins. and was almost independent. Independent in 7th Grade, by high school C--was on the honor roll, the chess team and well on his way to achieving his dream of becoming a scientist.]

(Excerpts from a 4 page letter)
"Dear Michelle,

... we just got back from vacation with extended family who complimented R--- on his good behavior and trying  'family times' every day J - I agree best year ever.

            I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you've done to help my son, R---, improve in all areas. ...You've helped build the foundation for improved independence skills, self-worth, emotional well-being, academic achievement with pride, and social interactions. The impact of your help was so significant. You raised the bar and made R--- want to help himself. This he’ll remember for the rest of his life....

He has gone from having little self confidence in his abilities to actually showing his self-pride and standing tall, finding his confidence.... It's truly a tribute to both R--- and Your consistency, hard work, determination and most of all believing in R---. I know he definitely wouldn't have done so much without you. Truly!....

What trinkets or words on these four pages can’t say or express enough is that you made a positive difference, ... You have gone beyond and entered R---’s world (aside from communist cats ruling :-)) You made a bond with a higher understanding and respect for one another. Whereas others may have opted for easier expectations, you believed in R--- and didn’t except any less from him. R--- spoke of you with great admiration and respected your insight and knowledge. He'll definitely miss seeing you at high school.....       
  - Bridget M.

(P.S. - In high school R--- continued to achieve academic and enjoy social success- and brag about them on his Facebook page- along with continuing to share his love of cats, Mindcraft and political commentary!)

Parents of children receiving Early Intervention Services & ABBLS assessments

"Thank you so much for all the advice you have given me.  I have enjoyed your time with H---.  I think she has as well- she sings "It's time for Michelle" a lot."
Julie C.

"Thank you for the work y
ou did with our son N--.  The ABBLS is essential information for the school system and for us as parents.  I found the knowledge you shared invaluable and the resources you brought to our attention a wonderful asset.  Your kind approach brought out the best in N-- and the signing and schedules added to his skills and improved his behaviors as well as added tools he will use in school.
You are an angel!"
  - Candace and The F--- Family

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Educational Colleagues

From the Lincoln Public Schools Integrated Preschool staff,
Lincoln, MA

" Dear Michelle,

 R---, D---, A---, J--- and A---, to name a few of the children you have worked with specifically (not to mention all the others who just happened to be in the classroom with them).  You have had a profound effect on these children (and their parents) and, as their teachers, we thank you.  

You have also had an incredible influence on us.  Because of you we are better teachers and have a much better understanding of how to include children with special needs into our classrooms.  We thank you for that."

From an Assistant Teacher, later Lead Teacher, League School of Boston
" You have taught me more than you will ever know.  You have been a wonderful friend and mentor"                                                                                                                    - Meg S.

From a Speech Pathologist, Lincoln Public Schools
"I have learned so much from you over the years.  I will always think of you as the 'horse whisperer' of autistic children.  You find a way to help them out of their darkness and into the light of communication and understanding."                                                    - Laurie B.
From Barbara Schaechter, Executive Director, The League School of Boston -1982

"It has been wonderful seeing you grow from an enthusiastic intern into a wonderful and dedicated teacher....  I wish you the best during your year of travels and look forward to your return.  Our children need you!"
 - Barbara

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Spectrum Services
L. Michelle V. Touw, M.Ed.
Autism Specialist and Founder of Spectrum Services
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