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Presentations & Professional Development

  Sharing my expertise to increase your knowledge

Spectrum Services offers high quality at an excellent value through my informational and educational presentations and staff training for professional development.

Spectrum Services offers
a spectrum of presentation topics and staff training formats--all designed to help you or your staff increase your understanding of ASD issues and how to address them

My  custom tailored Presentations and Staff Trainings:

  • Are given to conferences, schools, organizations (inc. PTA's and SEPTA's), businesses, professionals, families and support personnel who work with individuals with an ASD aged two-adult
  • Are available for a single session or over a series of dates
  • Can cover a single subject or a range of topics including but not limited to:
    • Basic understanding of the various ASD’s
    • Full inclusion from pre-school into work environments
    • Social thinking and Interpersonal skills
    • Emotion recognition and management
    • Language acquisition and Communication skills
    • Cognitive skills inc. executive functioning
    • Behavior recognition and management
    • Academic skills - acquisition and modifications
    • Leisure skills, Family and Community activities
    •  Sensory processing and integration issues 
  • Demonstrate practical solutions proven most effective in developing independence and full inclusion in school, work, family and community environments.
Spectrum Services provides comprehensive handbooks (not a copy of a Powerpoint) of the presented information to each participant so that after the presentation or training they can use, not lose, what they have learned. 


Spectrum Services also offers schools the exclusive
           Developmental Training Model©.

The Developmental Training Model is a unique program for
creating positive relationships between teachers and the assistant teachers and paraprofessionals they train.

The Developmental Training Model
identifies the 7 stages through which all staff go.  It reveals the interpersonal dynamics encountered at each stage and positive ways of addressing them.

Please contact Spectrum Services today to learn more about this unique training program.
My presentations are provided anywhere in New England.
Some are open to the public (see calendar below)

My staff training is provided anywhere in Massachusetts, especially the MetroWest area.

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