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Are you thinking Spectrum Services might have what you need?
Then, please contact me.
I want to ensure your satisfaction, so I offer a
FREE  30 minute initial consultation- by phone or in person. 

If you haven't already, please visit my Testimonials & Comments page.

Read what clients say about the superb value I provide with my educational.
professional development presentations and staff training.  For example, 85% of attendees returned evaluations with ratings of "Very good" or "Excellent".  Their detailed comments will give you specific reasons for their high ratings.

Read what parents, educators and students report regarding the impressive improvements those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder achieve ( be it Autism, Asperger's, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, etc.)
as a result of receiving my services.

Then contact me to arrange for your free 30 minute initial consultation.

Once you decide to engage my services, the fees are as follows:
  • Presentations and Professional Development Staff Trainings:              by contract negotiation


  • Meetings: $75 per hour


  • ABBLS Assessment: $75 per hour, average 6 sessions

Spectrum Services
L. Michelle V. Touw, M.Ed,
Autism Specialist & Founder of Spectrum Services
 Phone:   (978) 235-4840      Fax: (978) 371-9271

E-mail:  michelle@spectrumservicesonline.com
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